MBF wants Asari arrested over forceful comment

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Following the recent comment made by the Niger-Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (Asari Dokubo), the Middle Belt Forum (MBF) on Sunday in Abuja asked the Presidency and security agencies in the country to arrest Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, who allegedly declared that Nigeria would be on fire if President Goodluck Jonathan failed to win the 2015 presidential election.

According to MBF, the Dokubo-Asari’s comment indicated that Jonathan would rig the election. Here’s the excerpts detailed how the patron of the group, Amb Yohanna Margif warned Dokubo-Asari to be careful with his “inflammatory utterances during these trying times in Nigeria which are capable of setting in more sentiments.”

“Such characters as Dokubo-Asari with such conflicting utterances should not be allowed to walk the streets freely by the security operatives,” Margif stated.

Margif who had Several calls to the telephone line of Dokubo-Asari but were not returned said that while Dokubo-Asari had the right to support Jonathan for the Presidency as a South-South person, many other Nigerians also had the right to do so for any of their candidates without one threatening the other.

He added that as a patron of the MBF, he was in a position to speak on issues of Nigeria than Dokubo-Asari “who is a known militant.”

He said, “In what capacity does Dokubo-Asari have to make such comments? He should not use militant language and threats against Nigerians since no one has monopoly of violence. Anyone can be a thug or militant.

“The same Dokubo-Asari had earlier last year declared that the President had lost the support of his political base, the South-South and the South-East, owing to the failure of his government to deliver on its promises. He had said that it would be tough for Jonathan to win the presidential election in 2015 if he decides to run based on the poor showing of his administration.”


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  1. I hate this fool call dokubo because he went to the same Arabic school in Afghan where shekau the boko haram leader attended and get trained as terrorist he is trying to show people yes am also a terrorist I can terrorize the nation as well as my course mate shekau u don’t need to intimidate people for them to know who u are we all know who u are.Good people in the Niger delta as well as other part of Nigeria even Jonathan himself is calling for peace before and after the election you are here intimidating people waging for war because u study terrorism in Afghan where u should have become an Islamic preacher a good one for that matter foolish terrorist God ll not forgive u. If not for other few good muslims that I know let me just stop but one thing u should have in mind ur intimidation ll not change anything our God is bigger than u are.

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    # He REFUSED to ATTEND the OPUTA PANEL when invited on investigation for justice.

    # He truncated Nigeria democracy in December, 31 1983- sacked a democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

    # He is a weak leader who does not understand the differences in culture and religion in Nigeria according to IBB.

    # He is the only Nigerian senior military officer who failed all the senior examinations in the history of Nigerian military according to IBB.

    # Alhaji Shehu Shagari granted pardon to Odumegwu Ojukwu, but when Buhari came to power, he clamped Odumegwu Ojukwu into jail without any charge against him.
    # He once asked MUSLIMS TO VOTE ONLY MUSLIM in a country with many religion.
    # He put Alhaji Shagari in HOUSE ARREST and his powerless deputy DR Alex Ekwueme in PRISON out of tribal sentiments.
    # He used retroactive laws to KILL PEOPLE violating the fundamental human right to life.

    # He executed 75% of PTF projects in the NORTH and distributed the remaining 25% among other regions when he was the PTF chairman.

    # He was a military head of state who knows he would be overthrown but COULD NOT DO ANYTHING because his deputy was not around.

    # He said that ACN is corrupt but because of his presidential ambition now surrounds himself with those he described as corrupt ACN members.

    # He was the chairman of PTF but claimed he does NOT KNOW how billions Naira got missing.

    # He could not allow the economic of demand, supply and internal production factors to determine the prices of commodities but used SOLDIERS TO FORCE price control.

    # He did not allow his government to be criticised and UNJUSTLY ARRESTED those who criticised his government.

    Buhari has contested for the president with Okadigbo as running mate in 2003, with Ahamba as running mate in 2007, and Tunde Bakare as running mate in 2011. In all, he lost. Now, Osibanjo is up with him. Doesn’t this mean anything to those marketing him? Okadigbo and Ahamba are good politicians and he failed with each of them. Bakare is a church owner and has followership and he failed with him. The problem is not the choice of his running mate but him. He is the one the voters rejected in all the elections not his running mate. Settling for a pastor will still come to the same failure. He has failed with politicians and a GO. What else is left to trade? Nothing.

    Honestly, Buhari is NOT the RIGHT person.
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  4. #EzeAugustine NdukakuDuke: u are a good propagandist but u failed to understand that the people that elected buhari are delegates from all over the country. It was done in the best transparent manner. The emergence of buhari came as a result of the yearnings of nigerian people that needed a corruption free leader. Your character assasination of him cannot make Nigerians turn back on him. Even jonathan will vote for him. It is too late for PDP, we are tired of misrepresentation. Misin monies, kidnapins,militancy/insugency(samething),oil theft,civilians buyin arms,air space violation with arms etc. Change gonna come,cant do shit about it!

  5. MUHAMMADU BUHARI,is the right man,for 9j,those that are against him, doesn’t want the progress of our beloved country,kamilu

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