Jonathan will win Presidential Election – Governor Fayose

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Mr. Ayo Fayose, Ekiti State governor, speaking on his arrival from a foreign trip said the result of the presidential election will not be a win-win situation, but assured that President Goodluck Jonathan would be re-elected next month.

“Let me make it clear to all Nigerians, the election is going to be a little bit turbulent, but Jonathan will win and there will be reactions.

He predicted that the forthcoming presidential election in the country will be turbulent, irrespective of who wins.

“Even if Buhari wins the election today, there will be reactions. Somebody was telling me that the violence would stop if General Muhammadu Buhari wins. This shows Buhari and All Progressives Congress (APC) are behind it.

“However, we should remember that the economy of this country lies in the South-South, so, we must balance it. It is not a win-win situation, even for Jonathan, but Nigerians must be ready to accept the result of the election and I can assure you that Jonathan will win,” he said.

According to the Ekiti governor, Buhari did not possess the eloquence, ability and the capacity to lead the country, stressing that at this stage, the country requires graduates with capacity to lead it to the promised land.

He said “the era where you will say I am leading Nigeria with school certificate is gone. I don’t take people on a personal note, but this particular leadership we are looking for must have the competence. Jonathan is the first Nigerian president who has the paper qualification. General Buhari truly doesn’t have the certificate.

“People claimed that I don’t have the certificates too. I have gone through the courts, including the tribunal. So, what else are we talking about? I want General Buhari too to submit himself for us to check. It is not about popularity alone.

“Buhari must address the certificate issue in the overall interest of Nigeria. If Ayo Fayose with HND in a state like Ekiti is seen as someone without education, so, General Buhari will now come with the Almajiri School and come and lead Nigeria?”

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  1. Fayose! Fayose OBJ is still very much alive and EFCC will become very effective from 14 feb 2015. Becareful with what you say out to nigerians , you dont even have the control of the state you claim to be the so call governor okay?.

  2. This babbler has started again. He will go into coma when Bihari wins come next month. The more he talks the more unpopular he becomes.

  3. These commentators will be silenced…Buhari won’t win, mark my words. The spiritual controls the physical.

  4. What a barking dog without no arm, when they used veto power in the state and work for him, now we youth have wise and see clearly with our eye we need change so that all of you corrupt leader will go to jail…… Change is what we need……

  5. Who is Fayose, an ilitrate like him. A thurg of his type. A man who can lead an army of miscreants to go an linch a judge still has the impetus to open mouth and talk. I pity Ekiti people for the wrong decision the took by voting an Agbero into power. Fayose should know the the resources this country doesn’t belong to South south alone but the whole Nigeria because that is what the constitution that bind us together says.

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