Samsung introduces a new storage device, T1

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This event actually took place yesterday afternoon in Las Vegas where Samsung announced a new storage product, the SSD T1, which can store up to a terabyte of content in a device the size of a business card and weighs about an ounce.

The SSD T1 also comes in smaller, 256 gigabyte and 500 gigabytes versions. The device will retail for between $179 and $599 (USD), depending on how much storage capacity you need. The T1 ships this month.

In an age when cloud storage is both ubiquitous and free, you might find it odd that Samsung is working to sell what appears to be a USB memory stick on steroids. But uploading content over Wi-Fi networks can be laborious, and LTE networks are even worse. So sometimes when it comes to lots of data, going old school can be the better option.

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