Boko Haram kills 40 in Adamawa, reduces Maiduguri population by 200,000

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According to a resident, Emmanuel Kwache, more than 40 people have been killed this week in Adamawa State. It can be recalled yesterday, that Boko Haram terrorists were rampaging through seven villages in Adamawa State, killing, burning and looting with no troops protecting civilians.

Kwache said:“They slaughtered people like rams and they burned down our houses after looting food. There’s no presence of troops, some residents are hiding on top of hills, while those that could not run were abducted, particularly youths and women.”

State legislator Adamu Kamale said he has appealed in vain for troops since the attacks began on Friday. On Monday the militants moved into Michika town, he said.

In Maiduguri, capital of Borno State and some 200 kilometres north of Michika, people fleeing other Boko Haram attacks say the militants warned they are preparing to massacre them in Maiduguri and that “there will be no mercy.”

Maiduguri is the biggest city in the northeast where troops repelled a daring offensive by hundreds of militants, Sunday. Boko Haram attacked Maiduguri at three entry points and at least 200 combatants were killed in prolonged gun battles, according to residents and security forces.

“They kept saying … we can all run into the big grave they are preparing for us in Maiduguri,” said Aishatu Ba’malum, who fled from Monguno, a northeast town taken Sunday by militants.

It is reported that Maiduguri’s population of two million has been swollen by about 200,000 refugees who have fled Boko Haram in the surrounding countryside.


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