Indonesia rejects presidential clemency over drug Offence, ready to execute Nigerian, others by firing squad

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A spokesman for the attorney-general’s office revealed late Wednesday that a further five foreigners, from countries including France, Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana, have also lost their appeals.

Four Indonesians, only one of them convicted of drugs offences had also lost their bid for clemency.

Indonesia’s new president has been a vocal supporter of capital punishment for drug offenders, disappointing rights activists who had hoped that he would take a softer line on the death penalty.

He has repeatedly vowed to show no clemency to drug traffickers. In a CNN interview broadcast earlier this week, Widodo vowed: “We are not going to compromise for drug dealers. No compromise. No compromise.”

“Imagine, every day, we have 50 people die because of narcotics, because of drugs,” he said.

“Indonesia is in the position of a drug emergency. We need to have something that’s firm and a positive law in Indonesia still allows the death penalty.”

Spontana said a decision had not yet been made on when or where the convicts would be executed, only that more than one would face the firing squad in the next round.

“The attorney general’s office now has 11 convicts on death row ready to be executed,” spokesman Tony Spontana said late Wednesday.

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  1. Noone can satisfy Nigerians. The President did what international diplomacy dictated by submitting a clemency plea for the Nigerian citizen. Shld he do otherwise, our hypocritical human rights activists wld still say he is insensitive to the plight of Nigerians abroad. U may get a president who will execute drug offenders with retroactive laws if u vote wrongly on Feb. 14.

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