Nigeria has the capacity to transmit additional power – Sambo, Vice President frowns at media report

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Namadi Sambo, Vice President addressing a mammoth crowd at the PDP’s Presidential Campaign Rally in Akure, Ondo, frowned at a media report claiming that Nigeria did not have the capacity to transmit additional power, he replied on Wednesday that Nigeria had the capacity to transmit additional power being generated by the 10 new power plants built across the country.

He explained that the Federal Government has successfully constructed 3,500 kilometres of transmission lines to ensure effective evacuation of the additional power being generated in the country.

“The power generation in Nigeria was about 2,000mw. Today, we are generating over 4,500mw.

“Yesterday, I was watching the television and somebody, I think, on Channels Television, who called himself an expert, said we did not have the capacity to transmit power from the 10 new power plants we constructed.

“That is a lie, he has no information. We have constructed 3,500km of transmission lines in this country.

“We have constructed over 100 new sub-stations, we have constructed over 295 injection substations.

“Every town in Nigeria has a new substation that will transmit and distribute the additional power being generated in Nigeria.

“Mr. President, we thank you very much. So, let’s get the correct information that the transformation of the power (sector) is being done globally.”

Sambo, who urged Ondo residents to vote for Jonathan/Sambo and other PDP candidates, said President Jonathan had approved the construction of hydro-electric power projects that would produce more than 4,000megawatts of electricity.


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  1. Nonesense. Power distribution is now worst than before. In jos we are experiencing real transformation of power shortage and yet a mediocry is telling us that nigeria has the capacity to transmit additional power. Shame on you.

  2. I wonder what ‘ll happen to d society n d next generation to come in d light of d change u are clamouring for without certificate. Nigeria as country has out grown d stage of a doom to rule. Beware and be wise……!!!

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