Buhari’s supporters troop out en masse despite heavy rain downpour in Lagos

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Folks still trooped out to support GMB despite heavy rain downpours from morning till 12:20 pm. Gutters filled with water and landscapes covered with dirty rain waters, this is happening today of all days when the whole Lagos are decorated with billboards carrying buhari/osinbajo pictures .

rainfall APC buhari

rainfall APC buhari1

rainfall APC buhari2

rainfall APC buhari3

rainfall APC buhari4

rainfall APC buhari5

rainfall APC buhari6

rainfall APC buhari7

rainfall APC buhari8

rainfall APC buhari9

rainfall APC buhari10

rainfall APC buhari11

rainfall APC buhari12

rainfall APC buhari13

rainfall APC buhari14

rainfall APC buhari15

rainfall APC buhari16

rainfall APC buhari17


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  1. Are u aware no valentine’s day dis year…? Election has taken its place….all boys are smilling, no gift, no outing 4 d girls. Hahahahahahahaha….all thanks to INEC…… In case ur girl insist on going out, pls take her to the polling unit and vote for GEJ. I love 2015, valentine free year……………

  2. APC (ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS) has been consistent in saying that PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous years in which corruption,impunity,insurgency, armed robbery n several ills of society held sway.But at a very close look at the APC,I am seeing: 1)Rotimi Amaechi – 8 years speaker; 7 year, Governor under PDP. 2)Atiku Abubakar – 8 years Vice president under PDP. 3)George Akume – 8 yearsGovernor under PDP. 4)Bukola Saraki – 8 years Governor; 2 years, Senator under PDP. 5)Timipre Sylver – 4 years Governor under PDP. 6)Audu Ogbe – 2 years National Chairman of the PDP. 7)Aminu Masari – 4 years as the Speaker, House of Representatives under PDP. 8)Chris Ngige – 3 years Governor under PDP. 9)Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7 years Governor; 3 years Defense minister under PDP. 10)El Rufai – 4 years FCT Minister; 2 years BPE Chairman under PDP. 11)Tambuwal-3years as Speaker House of Reps under PDP; and to cap it all, Obasanjo is the navigator of the APC, a man who spent 8 of the disastrous 16 years as the maximum ruler of Nigeria. It is now clear that APC is a waste basket of the PDP, where the people who created and perpetuated the 16 disastrous years are now dumped.So where is the change coming from? Are they now saints because they joined APC?Pls be WISE

  3. BUHARI FINALLY SPEAKS:“Fellow Nigerians,…..They accuse me ofmany things. But one thing they never accuseme of is corruption. They never accuse me ofmediocrity, or of lying. People accuse me ofmany things. I have led this country and Ihave a record. We were not perfect, but wewere effective;we solved problems, and wemade Nigerians proud. In our government, wefought corruption, we stabilized the Naira,and we shut down insurgency. We shouldn’tforget so soon that there was the Maitatsineravaging the Northeast and we dealt with it.We also overran the Chadian rebels. We builtindustries….., Nigerians were serious andtreated each other with respect; Nigerianstook pride in our reputation for discipline.Theworld admired us. We were proud to beNigerians. However,because they can’t attackour record, they accuse me falsely of ethnicjingoism; they accuse me falsely of religiousfundamentalism. Because they cannot attackour record, they accuse us falsely of callingfor election violence – when we have onlyinsisted on peace. Even as Head of State, wenever imposed Shariah. All my running mateshave been either Igbo or Yoruba and arealways devout Christian of indisputablerepute. I have and will continue to condemnthose who burn God’s places of worship, bethey churches or mosques and wish God’sjudgment upon them. As your president, theirpunishment won’t stop there, we will alsoensure Boko Haram and other such elements,are found, are arrested and face the fullwrath of the law as punishment for theircrimes against our country. My dear friends,this is very important to note: It doesn’tmatter if you are Igbo,Yoruba,Ijaw, Hausa,Idoma, Efik, Ekwere,Urhobo, Igala and, no, itdoes not matter if you are Christian,Muslim,animist or atheist: we need a newdirection under anew leadership. The taskahead will be challenging and daunting,but itis surmountable. This is what leadership isabout. My only desire is to prove to you thatNigeria can truly work. Allow me prove to youthat in your lifetime,you can be proud of thiscountry.Let me make you this promise today:We will protect your children. We will protectyour wealth. We will make this country workagain. This is why I am running for the officeof the president of Nigeria. This is mypromise.” – Muhammadu Buhari(GCFR). Ifyou love nigeria and your children’s future,forward to all your contacts

  4. Let’s for get abt party GEJ is incompetent to lead nigeria to d promise land despite d fact of his PHD he can not tackle insecurity, fight corruption, that’s not d kind of leadership we want in this country pls. Wisdom is better than qualification, Jesus christ doesn’t go to school but he controll the world. #GMB is d man.

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