Are you going to vote for those who oppressed Okada Operators or make his wife a Senator? – Agbaje

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According to Agbaje, Mrs. Abdulkarim’s appointment demonstrated that his government would recognize merit, and Nigerians with quality and ideas, would be searched out and appointed into positions.

The Running Mate, Mrs. Abdulkarim, said Badagry had suffered under the present administration.

“We in Badagry voted in 2003 for PDP, and since then, suffering and marginalisation have been our lot. They refused to appoint anyone from any one here a Commissioner.’

According to her, Agbaje was a Moses, who had come to alleviate the sufferings of her people, and Lagosians must reject the APC in the coming elections.

Mrs Abdulkarim said: “Are you going to vote for those who oppressed okada operators? Are you going to vote for those who have refused to pay the national minimum wage of N18,000 and have continued to pay N12,000 with  impunity? Are you going to vote for the party of someone who made his wife a Senator, his daughter the market leader, and who has abandoned bonafide indigenes and imported an alien to rule over the indigenes? Agbaje is a true son of Lagos. God who delivered Israel has sent us a Moses.”

Lamenting the dearth of industries in Badagry, she said, under PDP, the town would be turned into an industrial hub to exploit the markets of Togo, Benin and the entire West African sub-region to the benefit of the Nigerian economy.

Urging the electorate to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan, she said he had achieved much for Nigeria.

She said: “Do not be deceived. They have come to you with their brooms. They went to look for someone who truncated democracy and they want to impose him. They are vouching for a 72-year old, and describing a 58-year old as too old. They say he will put our security in order, who started the insecurity and Boko Haram in the first place? Whom do they want to deceive?”


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  1. What is strange in that? In India the Ghandis , in Pakistan the Bhuttos and in America the Clintons.
    Also, where is oppression in restricting the okada riders to hinterland for the safety of the riders and the passengers?
    Before the restriction we knew the frequency of accidents on the highway.

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