Nigeria is safe with Jonathan – Babangida, former military head of state

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General Ibrahim Babangida, Former military head of state, stated on Tuesday, adding that Jonathan is a dependable leader for the country, he stated that Nigeria is under “safe hands” under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The former military leader, who annulled June 12, 1993 election in Nigeria, said Jonathan was a leader who would continue with the dreams of the country’s founding fathers.

Babangida said himself and Jonathan shared the same passion for a peaceful, stable and developed Nigeria. See Excerpts detailed:

“Whenever I discussed with him, I see a young man who has passion for Nigeria. Under Jonathan, Nigeria is in safe hands.

“All the presidents that this country has produced have come to Minna for blessings and today that you have come, I will offer you blessings,” Babangida said.

Jonathan described Babangida as a dependable pillar in ensuring continued peace and stability of the country. “As a deputy governor, you took me as a son and since I came on board as Vice President till date, you have been a pillar and a charismatic leader. You have been a stabilising factor in this country in many ways.

“You are not like some other past leaders. We pray for long life for you so that you can continue to mentor the country and to give rightful direction to us,” Jonathan said of the former military leader.


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