Full Transcript of the Audio detailing how Ekiti state Guber election was allegedly rigged

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FAYOSE Speaks: 

Can’t you let me talk, how can he say that, can’t you let me talk, i’m not a small boy sir, we agreed in Abuja on the modalities to work, and we agreed to a sticker, that any vehicle you see with that sticker, you allow that sticker.

That sticker is from those vehicles, his own was sent to him, mine was sent to me, the one for SSS was given to me to give to them, and we agreed. There is no vehicle that left this place without that sticker. The people you just dis-armed had that sticker on their bonnet clear and clean.

Listen to me sir, let me tell you what is going on here, today they went to Efon (Efon-Alaye, a region in Ekiti state) they carry all the… when they are supposed to be collating, I think it was this man…….(tries to remember)

They went when they were supposed to be collating.

The thing INEC gave to us, soft copy, we now printed everything so that….he now told me because they see INEC thing on top of it. Why is my contact man who told them? I said will my contact man now be sitting with you at the check points permanetly?

(Obanikoro tries to interupt)

Let me land sir, Let me land sir…I convinced this man to leave this people, they were set to be left like this inside the sun, they packed all the computers, It took me more than 2 hours to get this man to release these people, we have been subjected to serious embarrassment.


I don’t want to keep you here more than necessary, because we are not alone in this thing, and we have to be fair, even though we have a direction that we want to achieve.

Your excellency, we are here because of you, and it’s you i want to please.
Momoh is here before you, let us give him an assignment.

Are you taking notes? (He asks)

Momoh; Yes sir

Obanikoro continues, promising to offer bribes and promotions to top military officials.

‘Don’t talk too much, I want you to go and work and deliver for us, look here you can’t get promotion without me sitting untop of your military council.

If I am a happy man tommorow night,ehen, the sky is your limit.

Momoh responds: Yes sir

The Politicians also requested the deployment of a “Special Team” including a “Strike force” to ensure their plans are executed.

Do you have a special team?

Momoh: We have about 6 special teams

No, your own

Momoh: I have one, strike force

See the idea of calling you and not getting reactions, we have to stop that now.

You must bring that one in.

When we call you, within the next 5, 10 minutes we want to know what has been done about it, and we want to get the feedback on our own that this thing has been done.

All those that they dis-arm, tell your men they must release them, and then put 2 or 3 of your men in charge of that.

Now before anybody is dis-armed they call that person for clearance, that person will call in, and if he says they should not, nobody dis-arms, if he says they should go ahead that nobody knows them, let them go ahead and dis-arm them.

Then that Daramola, I want him picked up in the morning. [Bimbo Daramola is Governor Kayode Fayemi’s Campaign Manager]

Everybody responds: No, No, No Tonight!!!!

Omisore speaks: 

What I willl just say is that we don’t have to argue this much, we have seen some lapses, yes. The point is that, there is nothing that happens now that we can’t contain before tommorow morning.
There is nothing.

(Others cut in)

We have been together in this matter, some of your boys can be over zealous and do things that are nonsense, and some can be compromised as well, you know yourself too.

Momoh: Yes sir.

Omisore: What i am saying Momoh is that ehen look, at this level any information you hear from us we are here on ground, move swiftly to these information and do them.

Number one, if that is done because instead of you defending them because you will be defending them blindly, things are the things which is not good.

Ok o we will go and find out, so, so where are you, so so you know what happens.

So as we are here today, there is no point in hurting.

We have areas that are faulty areas, go into it Ikere, Ilawe let them confirm what happened there.

My friend major is talking to the Owa of Oke-mesi himself, lets talk to those people, thats all.

And where did Obanikoro take his orders from?

Obanikoro speaks: 

‘I am not here for Tea-Party, i am here on assignment by the president’


Meanwhile, Obanikoro denied allegation.. See detailed below: (see the video clips here)

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  1. Why are they just releasing this after Election petitions had been concluded..

    I was in one of the APC’s strongholds during the said election and PDP won in all the polling units without any fraud. People collected APC money and voted PDP in all the units. Which shows even if this conversations ever took place, it did not affect the outcome of the poll in anyway.

    Ekiti people had tasted both APC and PDP and we can tell which one survives on propaganda and deceit.

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