My Presidential election would be a Landslide victory – Buhari, in an interview with AFP

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Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), on Friday told AFP he was expecting to win next week’s presidential election by a wide margin, despite talk of a close race.

The February 14 poll, in which he is challenging incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, has been seen as too close to call, leading to a possible run-off if neither man secures a first-round majority.

But Buhari, 72, dismissed the suggestion of a tight race, saying in an interview: “What’s their reason for ‘too close to call’? What is their speculation on? I’m expecting a landslide victory.”

Buhari was asked if he would accept defeat this time around, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate stated: “I’m not going to lose. So, I won’t answer that question.”

The PDP has sought to portray Buhari as yesterday’s man with dangerous, outdated ideas but he asserted that Africa’s most populous nation and leading economy was ready for change.

“I have visited 34 states so far. In each of the states there are three things that are consistent, that are fundamental issues to this country — insecurity, the destruction of the economy and corruption,” he said.

“Every Nigerian is feeling worried.”

On the area of tackling corruption, he said “I believe the most serious thing to do is to draw a line, that you intend to move forward,” he said, but added that, investigating every allegation of corruption would be a hindrance to progress.

“From the day we are sworn in as a government, anybody who abuses trust will be called to account,” he added.


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