video of Nigerian Army and Regional Joint task force flushing out Boko Haram insurgents

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Video of our Nigerian Soldiers in conjunction with the multinational task force smoking out the Boko Haram insurgents from occupied territories!

Please note that viewers discretion is advised! Many need to know this is happening (and not a fake news) for better enlightenment. You may watch the video here

video nigerian army & MJTF vs BH

Another shocking video (topic withheld) still about to be shared soon.. very shocking one! You won’t believe it happened. Not even related with Boko Haram but with the Nigeria Politics. Stay tuned! It is my job to share updates with fans!

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  1. O’boy that was mean by the Joint Task forces from Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.. May God continues to strengthen your hard work in flushing out the stupid cowards that called them insurgents

  2. Run BH run the Chadians not Nigerian Army them are come. What our proud political army could not achieve in over a year, rag-tagged proud professional army achieved in 48 hrs.

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