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The Politics game this period should be considered the much fun ever. lol… there was this cartoon that surfaced on social media depicting Ambode as an unserious individual, who is mostly interested in social engagements and having a fun time. Anyways, i decided sharing with fans because the cartoon could relax some nerves in you.

The cartoon, which had the title ‘Nigeria’s next top model’ showed the guber candidate looking animated in some of his poses for his campaign posters.  It had the caption: “Serious issues demand seriousness. Do you want this ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ man a.k.a ‘social prefect’ as your next governor?” whatay’all think folks?… Meanwhile you may enjoy much comments from fans (having more than 11,000 views within few hours after being tagged on our ADELOVE page) about Ambode on our facebook page on a posted Ads placement here

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