Alliance between Jonathan and military alliance, a threat to democracy – APC

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The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress,Chief Odigie-Oyegun,in Abuja on monday, described the “unholy” alliance between the President Goodluck Jonathan-led Peoples Democratic Party administration, and the Nigerian military hierarchy as the greatest threat to the nation’s democracy.

According to him, the hierarchy of the military had been compromised to serve the interest or the personal agenda of President Jonathan.

He said it was unheard of anywhere in the world that the military hierarchy would write a joint letter to an independent electoral body in a democracy; to state that it was incapable of providing security for an election.

Odigie further stressed that, “The greatest threat to our democracy today is the way the ruling party has compromised the leadership of the Nigerian military to serve the personal agenda of President Jonathan. This is a dangerous game.

“A recent court judgment in Sokoto clearly ruled that the military had no role in the electoral process. What happened with this postponement is that service chiefs simply vetoed a democratic process on the directive of President Jonathan. We know what politicisation is doing to our once proud military institution.


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