Tricycle Rider, 35, fell into a soakway and died in Lagos, was using septic tank as a storage and passageway

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Tragedy struck in the Mushin area of Lagos State after a 35-year-old tricycle rider, Olalekan Salisu, as was said to be starting his small generator on the soakaway around 9pm on Sunday when the slab covering the soakaway gave way, he fell into the soakaway in his house and died.

Residents said it took about five hours before the victim, who was married with two kids, could be brought out. He was brought out dead. See Excerpts detailed:

“On that night, the man, who lived on the second floor, came outside to turn on his generator after a power outage.

“The generator, which was on the soakaway, started working and as the man was about leaving, the soakaway caved in and he and the generator fell inside.

“As he was going down, he shouted for help and that was what made people know that something bad had happened.”

It was learnt that all attempts to remove him proved abortive, until someone called men of the Lagos State Fire Service.

The firemen were said to have inserted pipes into the soakaway to drain the wastes after which the victim was brought out dead.

“The fireman went in with a sealing hook and a ladder. With the aid of the hook, he found the location where the victim was buried in the faeces. He then went into the basement of the septic tank using the ladder.

“He used a side of the victim’s shoulder to bring him up and tied a rescue rope over his body before drawing him up.It was a difficult situation.”

Fadipe warned people in the state to avoid using septic tank as a passageway or a facility for storage of generators, which could weaken the slabs and lead to avoidable disaster.


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