Over 500 Pastors in the North Declare Support For Buhari

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Over 500 clerics under the umbrella of Northern Christian Leaders, yesterday declared their support for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, General Mohammadu Buhari ahead of the forthcoming presidential election.

Speaking at an interactive forum with General Buhari yesterday, the chairman of the forum, Pastor Abu Amiji, who openly declared his members support for Buhari, noted that time has come for Nigeria to think of the future and hence the need to forgo temporal benefits.

Pastor Amiji also explained that the forum is throwing its support behind Buhari because of the enormous decay in the system which have been witnessed under the present government led by President Goodluck Jonathan.

He also tasked Buhari to ensure that the country is returned to its glorious standing in the world before corruption and religious discrimination threaten to destroy it.

Reacting to the pledge, General Buhari, who expressed happiness at the support, noted that he is not surprised as the nation in general is tired of mediocrity and religious propaganda as being perpetuated by the ruling party.

He further stated that dividing Nigeria along religious line is no longer acceptable.


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  1. Certain group of people who are working for goal is religiously brain washing Nigerians into believing that buhari could Islamize Nigeria.my question to them is how is he going to do that, is there a section of our constitution that supports that?. A buhari in his millions can never islamize Nigeria.he can only uphold the provisions of our constitution.people should acquire knowledge in order to liberate themselves from shackles of religious propaganda that is going on now.

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