Amber Rose finally exposes the truth behind her shocking divorce with Wiz Khalifa


Amber Rose is finally exposing the truth behind her shocking divorce from rapper husband, Wiz Khalifa five months ago and she admits he was a multiple cheat!

In a latest interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, this weekend, Rose said she’s done crying and is all ready to move on.

“You know, he’s young, he has a lot of life to live,” Rose said of 27-year-old Khalifa. “Now that I’m done crying, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Now’s my time to live. I’ll never say never because he’s the father of the my child. He’s still technically my husband. But right now, with all he’s doing, I’m not with it.”

When several allegations of cheating was raised during the interview, Rose remained indefinite, responding:

“It’s like ‘Dude that’s not you.’ That’s not my husband. That’s not the man that I know. Wiz isn’t a bad guy. He has great spirit, that’s why I married him. People make mistakes.”

One co-host claimed the young rapper was “allowed three hall passes,” to which Rose replied, ” What if he…,” “Used them up?” another co-host asked, and to which she nodded her head.

Amber however insisted she was never the cheat in her marriage and also shut down rumors about her secret affair with new manager and actor, Nick Cannon, saying, “He’s like family.”

She added that now that things are over between she and Wiz, she’s happy to meet new people.

Amber, who recently left Nigeria courtesy of D’banj’s 10th Anniversary celebration, is currently working on her book titled, How to Be a Bad B–ch !


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