IK Ogbonna, Actor & Model to be a father soon, his Columbian girlfriend expecting a child


Actor and model IK Ogbonna is set to join the list of celebrity dads – he is expecting a child with his Columbian girlfriend, Sonia Moralez.

Sonia is believed to be in her second trimester – six months pregnant – she is presently in Nigeria with her man.

ogbonna ik

The Nigerian actor is excited about the pregnancy and says he can’t wait to have a new baby.

‘It’s a special moment for me, I’m going to be a father, the feeling is just great’ he says..aww, how sweet….but come on!

Almost our Nigerian celebrities had kids before formalizing their union and its not very nice if you ask us, it’s more like disrespecting the lady they claim to love.

ogbonna ik1

Why wait till she got pregnant and have your kid before deeming her worthy to be your wifey? Now you don’t need us to list their names, do you? What legacy are you leaving behind for fans looking up to you?

To make matters worse, in every neighbor hood today, there is someone that knows atleast that someone that got pregnant before marriage.


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