Over 52M voters have Received their PVCs now – INEC


In a statement signed by Mr Kayode Idowu, the Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in Abuja on Tuesday said, (INEC) had distributed 52,233,396 Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) nationwide, representing 75.88 per cent of the 68,833,476 registered voters.

The statistics of distribution of the PVCs released in the statement showed that Zamfara, with 1,495,717 registered voters, had had the highest level of PVCs distribution of 1,458,519 or 97.51 per cent performance.

According to the statement, Nasarawa state follows with 96.29 per cent, having distributed 1,196,583 PVCs as against 1,242,667 registered voters in the state.

Third in the statistics was Gombe, where the commission had attained 95.05 per cent distribution, as 1,064,577 eligible voters out of 1,120,023 registered in the state had collected their PVCs.

However, the statistics showed that so far Ogun recorded the least number of distributed PVCs of 747,556, representing 40.86 per cent of 1,829,534 registered voters in the state.

Meanwhile, in Lagos State with the highest number of registered voters of 5,905,852, the commission said that it had attained 62.40 per cent as it had distributed 3,685,322 PVCs.

The statistics also showed that the number of PVCs collected in Abia was 1,115,634; Adamawa, 1,328,136; Akwa-Ibom, 1,468,708; Anambra, 1,499,317; Bauchi, 1,745,441 and Bayelsa, 404,119.

The states recorded percentages of 79.91, 85.19, 87.38, 76.37, 84.97 and 66.21, respectively, the statement said.

The statement said that Benue recorded 76.81 PVCs distribution rate, Borno, 68.28 per cent; Cross River, 74.79 per cent; Delta, 75.97 per cent; Ebonyi, 66.50 per cent; Edo, 64.38 per cent; Ekiti, 68.77 per cent.

Others, it said, were Enugu, 74.53 per cent; FCT, 61.42 per cent; Imo, 69.44 per cent and Jigawa, 93.20 per cent.

It added that the distribution percentages were 91.98 in Kaduna state, Kano, 70.08 per cent; Kastina, 92.68 per cent; Kebbi, 89.53 per cent; Kogi, 67.67 per cent;


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