Over 36 killed in air strike on Niger-Nigeria border


Niger’s government said in statement read on state-owned television yesterday that, not less than 36 people were  killed and 24 injured at a funeral ceremony when an unidentified plane bombarded a village on the Niger-Nigeria border, officials said.

Abadam’s deputy mayor Youram Ari told Niger television station Labari, that, two planes flew over Abadam on Tuesday afternoon with that very visible green colour, they were from Nigeria,

Villages on both sides of the border are called Abadam, and there was initially some confusion over which side of the border was hit. Officials later on Wednesday said the attack happened in Niger.

The government decreed three days of national mourning.

Air Commodore Dele Alonge told our correspondent that: “It’s not to my knowledge and there has not been any report from our people of such an incident.”

An elected local leader in nearby Bosso said a similar air strike several days ago on the nearby village of Gamgara killed one person.

He concluded that, the border region has seen recent attacks and counter-attacks between the regional forces and Boko Haram


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