Islamic cleric kills friend and shares his body parts for ritual


Report gathered on Monday  that, an Alfa at Oko Magbon in the Badagry area of Lagos State, Fatai Afobaje, has been accused of conspiring with some security men in his area to kill his friend, Rafiu Suleiman.

Police sources said after the 40-year-old was dead, Afobaje, along with five others, shared his remains among themselves for ritual purposes.

Afobaje was said to have conspired with the Chief Security Officer of the area, identified only as Tanko, to kill Suleiman on Friday..

Report also gathered that, the two men had met in a commercial bus and became friends that lasted for years.

“The two men met in a commercial bus. Suleiman had offered to pay the transport fare of Afobaje after the conductor was about embarrassing him because he had no change.

“The Alfa then said he would like to know him better for being so gracious to him (Alfa). So, Suleiman gave the Alfa his address and asked him to visit.

“That was how the friendship started. From what we found out, Suleiman, who worked as a crane operator, would collect his salary and give half of it to Alfa at the end of the month and that happened for a long time.”

The source, who added that investigation was still on, said Afobaje suddenly connived with his friends to kill Suleiman.

Another source said on Friday, last week, the victim was called by Alfa to come for a meeting around 8pm.

He said, “As soon as the victim got to the street’s gate, the security guards surrounded him and asked who he was looking for. When he told them, they flogged him with charms and he died.

“They then called the Alfa to come and when he arrived, they shared his body parts. While one collected his head, another demanded all his intestines, while another asked for his breasts, which were given out.”

His boss was said to have contacted policemen from the Morogbo division who then launched a search for him.

The police were said to have apprehended the suspect, and he reportedly named the chief security officer as an accomplice.




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