Buruji Kashamu, America wanted man, who kicked Obasanjo out of PDP


Sequel to the abusive statement made by Obasanjo, against Kashamu Buruji, during the veteran leader’s exit from the PDP that says,(See Excerpts from Obasanjo)

“Putting a certified unashamed criminal wanted abroad to face justice and who has greatly contributed to corruption within the judiciary on a high-profile of politics as you and your aides have done with the man you enthrone as PDP Zonal leader in the South-West is the height of disservice to this country Politically and height of insult to the people of South-West in general and members of PDP in that zone in particular.”

The man who inflicted the irreparable damage to the relationship and sent Obasanjo out of the Peoples Democratic Party yesterday is none other than America’s most wanted Nigerian: Prince Buruji Kashamu.

Buruji fought back describing Obasanjo’s attack as hypocritical, saying that the former leader had accepted him with open hands when he was waging his battle against the former Ogun State governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.  And Jonathan also replied Obasanjo describing his attack as ‘unwarranted’, his comments ‘self-serving’.

Buruji’s hold on the South West PDP, rather than waning was even more consolidated in the months to come, such that in Ogun State PDP, Buruji became the Alpha and Omega of the party. President Obasanjo complained to the PDP’s highest quarters, but no one listened to him.

As the PDP imploded with the desertion of the party by five governors last year to join the political alliance of the All Progressives Congress, Obasanjo was being whispered as the motivator for the implosion, who encouraged the rebel governors to join the opposition.




  1. You also didn’t get me right. I don’t have to be too explicit,and I am not saying OBJ is wanted. All I am saying is OBJ cannot remain in the same party with a wanted man.That’s what I mean by “equating”my good friend.

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