Obasanjo is still my godfather, and I’m his first political son – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan,  in  an exclusive interview with reporters, in Lagos, on Thursday said he is not ready to join issues with former President Olusegun Obasanjo over the latter’s decision to tear his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) membership card.

He said that, the  senior citizens must always remember the need to keep Nigeria united even when they have cause to disagree politically. President Jonathan stated that Obasanjo remained his father, adding that disagreement should be expected between political children and their father.

“But I will use this opportunity, because you asked, to just plead with my father that he is a leader, a former president of the country. He has led the country more than anybody — eight years of democratic governance and almost four years of military governance. No other person has that kind of record. The stability of this country is critical in terms of the economy of this country. Rating agencies downgrade countries that are going into elections because the feeling is that there would be crisis.

 “For one reason or the other, Obasanjo may disagree with me as his first political son. You can even disagree with your own biological children, as a human being, not to talk of disagreeing with your political children. So, he can agree or disagree with me, but the utterances have to be managed in a way that it does not affect the economy and security of this country.”



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