Suspect implicates deceased’s best friend of assassinating Abuja Businessman, Tony Eze


According to eyewitness, Tony Eze 39-years (Photo above),  was shot dead by two young men on a motor bike who closed in on him while he was trying to avoid a porthole, just a few meters away from the refreshment garden at Tungama area of Zuba in the outskirts of Abuja. He had gone to the garden for conviviality with friends. It was learnt that on the fateful day, November 6, 2014, the father of two was about closing for the day’s business when his kinsman and best friend called to request that they go out for drinks at Zuba. He was said to have initially hesitated before reluctantly agreeing to be at the refreshment garden in the evening.

The murder of the 39-years old businessman,, have been unravelled by detectives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Force Headquarters, Abuja. The late Eze, from Umuagede village in Nsukka L.G.A. of Enugu State met his untimely death after a night out with friends, including a kinsman from Eha-Alumonah in Enugu State (name withheld).

He reportedly left his shop about 5pm and got to the garden where he met three of his friends already seated and enjoying drinks. Crime Guard gathered that about 7:20pm, they all set to leave, moving in a convoy, with his best friend and kinsman driving the car in front. Eze was the last to join before he was blocked and shot dead inside his car.

After the owner of the garden and other sympathizers gathered at the scene, his friends reportedly drove back claiming that they heard a bang at their back but thought that Eze must have hit something and that was why they continued without him.

Reports said that even after the arrival of his friends at the scene, no serious efforts were made to either take him to the hospital or contact the police at Zuba. Policemen arrived the scene around 11pm and all efforts made to revive Eze in the hospital failed. One of the doctors was said to have reprimanded his friends for not rushing him to the nearest hospital immediately they arrived the scene, saying that he could have survived the gun shots if he had been given immediate medical attention.

 “A startling breakthrough came few weeks back after the private detectives succeeded in arresting a suspect in possession of the phone of the deceased which was the only item his assailants disappeared with after the incident. The suspect turned out to be in the same Aluminium Market where late Eze had his shop. We drilled him for long hours until he capitulated and started confessing how they killed the innocent young man.”

According to him, two people came to engage their services for the job in their cult group. He gave a detailed description of them and one of the descriptions tallied with that of the late businessman’s best friend and kinsman who also had business in the same market with him. The suspect said that when they asked those that came to hire them why they wanted the man dead, they said he had been importing goods from abroad and needed to be silenced. They were paid N1.2million, some of them got N250,000 while others got N300,000 each.”


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