Dakore Egbunson’s younger brother says he gets love requests from guys


Timini Egbuson, younger brother of Dakore Akande, is an actor who has featured in many productions including Shuga. In  a chat with Punch Newspaper, he talks about the gains of being in the entertainment industry and more, see excerpts:
When did you become an actor?
I have been acting for about four years. Before then, I was a student. I studied psychology at the University of Lagos.
Why did choose to become an actor?
I realised I had a flair for it. Before I became an actor, I used to accompany my sister, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, to movie locations.
What was your first movie role?
I was the lead actor in a yet- to- be released series, Rush. After that, I got a role in Tinsel.
Was your sister against your decision to become an actor?
She is the first child, while I am the last. She was very supportive but she sounded a note of warning. She told me it was not going to be easy.
Has her name opened doors for you in Nollywood?
I am still waiting for it to open doors for me. She is my sister, but making a success of my career goes beyond having a sibling that is a celebrated actress. I believe God and my talent have done the most for me. For some people, your name, tribe or religion can get you in but in reality, it is not what gets you in; it’s what happens after you have closed the door behind you. Nobody is going to have a big budget production and give you a role because you are somebody’s relative.
Are you pressured to do better than your sister?
She is an experienced actor who has been at her craft for many years and I don’t see myself competing with her. Instead of trying to outshine her, I prefer to learn from her.
Have the both of you featured in the same movie?
Yes, we both featured in the first proper movie I did. It’s a Mo Abudu production that will be released this year. Being on the same set with Dakore was amazing and the chemistry was there.
What other productions have you featured in?
Apart from Tinsel, I was in Rush, Happy Family, The 31st, Shuga and some other stage plays to mention but a few.
Which is your most challenging role?
That will have to be a short film, The 31st, where I played the role of a musician. I had to quickly learn how to play a keyboard and a guitar. The expectation of the producer of the movie was high even though prior to the movie, I had never played a music instrument.
Did you get a formal training in acting?
I watch a lot of clips on YouTube and I also rely on my talent. My sister’s knowledge and experience has been helpful because she tells me how I can become a respected actor. There are a lot of good people out there and good competition. You have to ensure your talent is outstanding.
How did you get the role in Shuga?
I worked as a sales and marketing executive at an e-commerce company. One of those times I was working, I was invited to a casting. I found it tough and challenging. Even though I was up against several known faces, I was optimistic. I did what I could do because I learnt that not getting selected at auditions does not mean you don’t know how to act. It simply means that you are not in line with what the casting director is looking for. I was lucky enough to be called back. It was amazing. I got to work with the likes of Biyi Bandele who directed Half of a Yellow Sun, Tiwa Savage, Sharon Ezeamaka and others.
How has your degree in psychology helped you cope as an actor?
Psychology is the study of behavioural patterns of human beings. My degree in psychology has been very helpful in my career as an actor. It comes in handy all the time. I use it in my relationship with people. I own a business called Bang and Kosher. I was going to do masters in consumer psychology but it’s on hold. I also have a catering business where we sell sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs and the rest.
Where did you derive your entrepreneurial drive?
I got it from my mum. Growing up, I watched my mum make things happen. It helped me realise nobody would give you anything on a platter of gold. Nobody is entitled to anything. That is what I learnt growing up and it has brought me this far.
Has the movie industry been financially rewarding?
It has been amazing. A lot of big productions have taken place in Nigeria and the exposure you get from being a part of them brings about opportunities. If you are smart, you will apply the exposure to other parts of your life and succeed. I am blessed to have taken part in a lot of big productions.
What is your definition of style and how do you like to dress?
When I dress, I like to make sure my sexuality is clear. I try to wear things that won’t make anybody doubt I am in love with women.
Do you get love advances from men?
Yes, I do and because of that, I tend to avoid clothes that give off a certain kind of impression. I like to experiment but within the boundaries of my love for women.
Are you in a relationship?
I am and marriage is imminent, by the grace of God. I think love is a beautiful thing and marriage is a blessed institution. If I am blessed to become a part of that institution, I would take the opportunity with both hands.


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