Tell Buhari To Swear With Quaran If He didn’t visit UK’s hospital – Fayose


Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has challenged the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate,Major General Mohammodu Buhari to swear with the Holy Quran if he did not  visit hospital for medical attention during his visit to United Kingdom last week.

According to a statement signed in Ado Ekiti yesterday by his Special Assistant on communication and new media,Lere Olayinka said Buhari will never be the president as he would dash the hope of his followers

“Buhari will never be Nigeria president again because some APC stalwarts want to ride on his back by seizing power at all cost

Fayose, however clarified that he was not wishing Buhari dead but just to save the country from unnecessary embarrassment

“I wish they can see spiritually what I am talking about that Buhari, despite the hullabaloo will never be president.

” I predicted my return as Ekiti State Governor and I am saying it again that Buhari will never rule Nigeria again.

‪”After President Goodluck Jonathan, there will be a young element in his late 50s from the North that will be Nigeria president. I want to liken this revelation to the story of Elijah and Elisha. I am the Elijah while my followers are Elisha.”

“I owe it a duty to Nigeria and its people to expose the antics of the APC cabal whose only interest is to seize power to further their selfish interests.

‪”Without doubt, it is obvious that these cabal in the APC are trying so hard to deceive Nigerians on Buhari’s health status. That’s the reason they have been using photoshoped pictures to defend their lies on Buhari’s UK trip.

‪”First, they used a March 5, 2013 picture, claiming that Buhari was taking a walk in London on Thursday. Later they came up with another poorly cropped picture of Buhari with former British Prime Minister,Tony Blair.



  1. Really is it a crime to visit the hospital or what is this hullabaloo about Buhari visiting hospital?
    How does it even concern Fayose who has abandoned governance of Ekiti state to pursue inanities?
    If he is truly a Yorubaman , he needs to show the attributes of omoluabi.

  2. mr man d governor is right he is saying d right thing.he is a governor so they are things he knowns which Gbenga Alese did not no . How much did APC paid u for propaganda as u people plan to rig governor FAYOSE out but u people failed

  3. What is this man headache with check up…. Is it not normal to go for medical checkup? If Buhari chooses to go for his checkup does it now mean his not fit…? Let him write the hospital to confirm true or false Buhari visited the hospital and for what reason rather for him backing like a bingo with rabies!!! #Nigerianswilldecide2015

  4. Let us be wise and be rational in our thinking. If Buhari is sick as you all claim he is, better for Nigeria. If he emerge president of this great country, in few months time, he will join Yaradua and his vice takes over. Then the problem is solved QED

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