Jonathan deserves to be re-elected, Buhari will be a regret – Fasehun, Oodua Peoples congress, OPC founder


Dr. Frederick Fasehun, Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, and National Chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, speaking at his Century Hotels, Okota office, has asked Nigerians to brace up for years of nightmares, if they fail to re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 polls.

He recalled the reign of the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as military Head of State and said he would not like to experience it again.

jona-buhari Assuring that OPC members will embark on house-to-house mobilisation for President Jonathan and ensure that he gets another four-year term, Fasehun said: ‘’I have been under the military before. Leopards don’t change their spots. What baffles me is Buhari has guts to attempt governing Nigeria again. It will not come to pass. When he came to power in 1984, he asked political leaders to report at the nearest police station. Many of them died in detention. That is the man who wants to come back to rule Nigeria. I don’t want to experience Buhari again. Four years of Buhari will be four years of nightmares.”

Apart from his achievements, Fasehun said he would mobilise for Jonathan because he has refused to abuse his presidential powers unlike some of his predecessors.

He said: ‘’For five years no Nigerian has been sentenced (extra-judicially) outside the courts. Jonathan is a democracy addict. He takes criticisms in his strides. We will work and ensure Jonathan gets four more years. Let Mr. President be rest assured that in this part of the country (South-West), any contestant with him will lose his deposit. We must go round from hamlet to village, from town to cities campaigning for Jonathan. Let us not lose the opportunity to enjoy Jonathan’s administration further. If we did, we will regret it.’’


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  1. What credibility is left of Dr.Fasheun after that shameful episode of escorting El-Mustapha to Kano without considering the ethnic sentiments of such an action? If he could not exhibit the kind of judgement expected of an elder then , it can not be different now.
    Anyway, the pipeline protection contract which runs into billions of naira is enough consideration for the endorsement even if it is against the interest of the Yorubas. What an elder!

  2. Induced money is working, shameless people, without integrity, they see small money, they sale their conscience, campaigning for a confused president, who is so clueless that, everyday he tells us, how unrepentantly clueless his is; he said i underestimated Boko Haram, I get conflicting advices from my aids. Nigeria is too big for him to lead well.
    We want Change.

  3. Buhari, is an Islamic militants leader boko haram). Also the chief sponsorer of boko haram, who says the country will be ungovernable if he fails 2011 election. And from the time he failed the election till now the country has been ungovernable. Boko haram is against Christ, and no genuine Christian will support them. Truth the say is bitter, but is truth, and we must not call evil good, and good evil because God will judge those who support evil(Malachi=2v17). All those who support buhari blood of this youth will be upon them, and they will train their children without eating their reward like buhari did to the parents of this innocent youths.

  4. The innocent blood he shed in this country is after him. The evil that men do live with them. The blood of the youth coppers will continue disturbing him and he will never have rest until he repent and confess to the whole Nigeria how he brought boko haram to make the country ungovernable

    The rescheduled Mach 28th 2015
    election will be crucial to the progress
    and health of the nation at all levels,
    it will also decide whether Nigeria will
    continue as one nation or smash into
    smithereens, as prophesied by the
    superpowers. Such negative
    predictions no doubt have being
    averted by President GOODLUCK
    JONATHAN through the 2014 National
    President Jonathan-and-former-
    Every sincere Nigerian can attest to
    the fact that General Buhari would
    not have organized such
    conference that had fostered the
    relationship among the various
    ethnic groups in Nigeria. Nigeria
    today staggers under a weight of
    insurgency and terrorism that is
    very alien to the nation’s ethnic
    and national character. Insurgency
    and terrorism descended on
    Nigerians in the wake of the 2011
    elections, after politicians of a
    particular coloration swore to make
    the country ‘ungovernable’ should
    they lose the polls. When Nigerians
    massively rejected these politicians
    at the polls, these bad losers made
    good their threats and unleashed
    the dogs of war through the North-
    Eastern part of the country.
    It is pertinent that Nigerians
    review the political languages of
    Buhari. General Buhari said if he
    does not win the 2015 polls, that
    the “blood of dog and baboons will
    flow in the country” and Jonathan
    is quoted as saying “that no blood
    of Nigerians should be shade on
    any account”. It is so unfortunate
    that most Nigerians who call
    themselves “Buharist” have short
    memory or worst still have decide
    to enjoy “the bliss of ignorance”.
    How would you believe that a man,
    who was responsible for the death
    of young Nigerians in the wake of
    2011 election, due to his refusal to
    call his supporters to order is now a
    transformed agent of “CHANGE”?
    No matter how the “Buharist”
    present the APC presidential
    aspirant, he cannot be said to be
    the saviour that Nigerians desire
    now, and even in the near future.
    The destiny of Nigeria is too great
    to be committed to a dictator, who
    portrays himself as a democrat in
    the quest for political power at the
    federal level. Nigerians must
    remember that a nation that turns
    its back on its history will never
    see development. No one should be
    deceived by Buhari claim of
    “change”. APC and Buhari have
    nothing to offer, other than
    incessant workers strike that
    characterized their government at
    various States in the federation. It
    is better Buhari yield to wisdom
    and quit the race to save himself
    from shame, from the rescheduled
    Mach 28th 2015 presidential
    election. . Buhari if given a chance
    will take Nigeria back to 19th
    century of underdevelopment.
    Nigeria is blessed to have Goodluck
    Jonathan as a leader who has
    officially borne the burden of over
    170 million people since 2011 till
    date. Jonathan no matter how being
    castigated by the APC “bought over
    media”, still remained focused to
    National development, and
    transformation in all sectors of the
    President Jonathan`s campaign
    rally in Kaduna
    Goodluck Jonathan still remains the
    best choice among all 2015
    presidential aspirants. And a VOTE
    for Jonathan is indeed a VOTE for
    Transformation continuity in the

  6. Read to the end… Obasanjo/Atiku had 8 years but
    couldnt fix power!!!
    Fashola and Tinubu had 16years in lagos they
    couldnt fix all the roads in
    lagos and couldnt give lagosians portable water to
    mention few.
    GEJ has spent 5years + as President of over 170m
    people and they want
    him to overnight turn Nigeria into a paradise. They
    call him names,
    Clueless, Foolish, some even said he is stupid
    e.t.c. But…
    (1) He built 150 almajiri schools.
    Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (2) He revived railway that was comatose for over
    28yrs. Lagos-
    Kano route,Lagos-Southern Ogun air condition train
    standard gauge route, PH-Enugu airconditioned
    train route, PH Maiduguri
    train route, Kaduna intra- city train routes,Makurdi-
    PH airconditioned
    train route, Abuja- Kaduna standard guage route.
    Work on Lagos-Ibadan
    standard guage route ongoing. And about to
    kickstart Lagos-Calabar
    coastal railway route. Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (3) He established 12 federal universities.Yet
    Goodluck is bad.
    Massive road reconstruction across the country
    (25000km). Benin-
    Ore road, Abuja-Lokoja expressway, Enugu-
    Abakaliki, Onitsha-
    Owerri road, Kaduna-Maiduguri road, East-West
    road, Parts of PH-
    Enugu road &Lagos-Ibadan 8-lane road ongoing.
    Yet Goodluck is
    (4 ) Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge is
    ongoing..Yet Goodluck is
    ( 5) He dredged River Niger..Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (6) Improved power supply from 2500mw to
    6000mw and
    implanted 10 new power plants..Yet Goodluck is
    ( 7) He revived the automobile industry with the
    new automobile
    policy spurring Nissan&Hyundai e.t.c to assemble/
    produce cars in
    Nigeria and the emergence of Indigenous
    automobile company the
    INNOSON group now producing locally made in
    Nigeria cars, SUVs
    and trucks known as the IVM motors First in the
    history of Nigeria,
    She joined the commodity of car manufacturing
    Goodluck is bad.
    (8) He remodeled airports to international
    standard,built five new
    airport terminals in PH, Lagos,Kano, Abuja &
    Enugu. First in the
    history of Nigeria, the East now have an
    international airport..Yet
    Goodluck is bad.
    (9 ) He signed freedom of information(FOI) bill
    past leaders refused
    to sign..Yet Jonathan is bad.
    (10) He revamped the agricultural sector. Nigeria
    now the largest
    producer of cassava in the world with 45million
    metric tonnes-FAO, the
    largest exporter of cassava chips to China and
    have unprecedented 60%
    sufficient in rice
    production.Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (11) He gave women 35% affirmative to women
    participation in
    governance which saw the emergence of Muktar as
    the first ever
    female Chief Justice of Nigeria..
    Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (12) He was able to contain the outbreak of Ebola
    Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (13) No more long queues at filling stations..Yet
    Goodluck is bad.
    (14) Nigeria manufacture her first ever locally
    made drone..
    Yet Goodluck is bad
    (15) He signed local content act. Nigeria now have
    400 tankers
    transporting crude oil.Previously it was 60 tankers.
    Yet Goodluck is
    (16) His government recorded an unprecedented
    achievement in
    sports, best sporting performance in the history of
    Goodluck is bad.
    (17) Nigeria is now the largest economy in Africa
    and the
    3rd fastest growing economy in the world after
    China and Qatar–
    CNN..Yet Goodluck is bad.
    (18) He made it possible for Nigeria to conduct the
    most free, fair &
    credible election in the history of the country (2011
    election). Yet
    Goodluck is bad.
    (19) He does not interfere with the electoral and
    system.Elections in Imo, Anambra,Osun, Ondo and
    Edo are examples. In
    history of Nigeria, is only in his government the
    controlled large number of states and controlled
    greater number of
    seats in the National Assembly..Yet Goodluck is
    (20) Under his government,political assassination
    assassination of high profile Nigerians is now a
    thing of the past.
    Who killed Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, FunshoWilliams,
    Marshall Harry,
    Aminisoari Dikibo,Alfred Rewane, Ken Saro Wiwa,
    Abiola,NBA chairman Barnabas Igwe and his wife
    Abigail Igwe? In
    whose governments were all these murdered? I can
    go on and give
    you about 100 high profile political assassination in
    civilian rule alone..Yet President Goodluck
    Jonathan is bad and so
    unacceptable to you.
    (21) GEJ approved 2,564 vehicles for police for free
    and fair elections and
    some bad eggs still complain that he is not
    THEIR CHARACTER. I hereby challenge anybody to
    bring forward
    the achievements of Buhari, Babangida, Abacha
    and Obasanjo.


    By Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

    Why am taking a swift from supporting General Buhari . Just few hours ago, Obasanjo endorsed General Buhari as the man to deliver this nation. I was personally shocked, when I heard the news. This is because, I was expecting Baba to stay at the touch line, and leave Nigerians to study his body language. But the masquerade could not control his dance in the public market. Hence he mistakenly flogged his own mother who is also a trader in the market. Nigerians, I am left with no option than to tell us that, these ex-generals and their boys are up to something.

    The issue at hand is not all about the presidential seat. But rather, the national cake (oil blocks). Less I forget, is it not the same Obasanjo who woke up and hand picked his puppet 2011, who eventually grew like Joseph the messiah of Egypt? Is it not the same Obj that told us 2011, that General Buhari is too old to rule this country? Is it not the same Obj that told us Buhari is a dictator? Somebody should have a rethink like me. We must understand the preacher’s language before decoding his message.

    If Obj can take a swift and prefer General Buhari to Jonathan, a puppet he dedicated his energy and resources to win 2011 election, then as an average Nigerian, we should have a rethink and ask our leaders what is so special in Aso Rock. If leadership is to serve the people, why is it that, the ex-generals finally gang up against their new recruit on account of change? If we’re to outline the sins of Mr.President, are the ex- generals not guilty of such sins? One may ask why is SPEAKER taking a swift? Everybody wants change. But I am astonished the way and manner these ex- general joined the train of change. Is it that, this is the first time they heard the word change? If NO, why did they not change this country when they were given opportunity?

    Why advocating for change now when the puppet body language shows he Will not renew their oil blocks licence? Why advocating for change now, when the puppet purchased equipment to monitor and reduce vandalism? Why advocating for change now, when the strong headed puppet wiped out their ghost names from the civil service pay roll? Why advocating for change now, when the puppet sacked your boys as corrupt ministers? Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to dump Sambo for another puppet? Why advocating for change when he refused to kill Nigerians indiscriminatel y. But rather he is exploiting all means of dialogue. Unlike your Odi brutal killings and destruction. Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to twist governors hands with EFCC to pave his way like you did? Why advocating for change now, when at 72 years, you still tell your children of 50years they are the leaders of tomorrow? Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to give you the fertilizer deal? Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to jail your enemies?

    Why advocating for change now, when the puppet refused to rig election for your daughter? Why advocating for change now, when in your time railways were not working? Why advocating for change, when in your time, our judiciary could not delivered a fair judgement in favour of oppositions? Baba,Nigerians are fed up of you sitting in Otta, deciding their future. We want to decide our destiny with the help of God. We want to practice true democracy by using our votes to decide our future. Let the good works or antecedents of our leaders speak volume for them. Just after the presidential chat with Mr.President, we discovered that, you, your colleagues and errant boys, are spreading false informations to pave your way to aso rock.

    Lastly, I challenge you Baba OBJ, #Tinubu, #Atiku and others to tell Nigerians you don’t have oil blocks or you Generals are not fighting the last battle to protect your oil blocks. They won’t come out and speak my brothers and sisters. They want us to believe they are fighting for us.

  8. Buhari is an extremist and this was confirmed when bokoharam nominated him to represent the in the amnesty committee to broker peace between them and Fed Government, he deceived himself and declined because he was nursing his endless ambition .

  9. My question is this, Buhari justified all the killings and mayhem done to Christianity in the name of islam in Nigeria. Has he said sorry? No! Has he gone to console with the families who lost love ones? No! At the end he said with emphasise, that if elections in 2015 does favor him, the dogs and baboons will be soaked in blood. He is quoting from the koran, that is the kind of derogatory word they call thosr who don’t believe their believe system.

  10. General Muhammadu Buhari may be desperate for
    power because he has a couple of people he wants
    to take revenge on while his principal backers
    merely wish to climb on his back to political
    reckoning, but can Buhari do the job?
    Throughout his campaign rallies, he failed to
    convince. The All Progressives Congress campaign
    trail has toured the country and has covered 34
    states and there was no rally where the
    presidential candidate told the crowd in clear terms
    what he will do differently and how he intend to
    alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians.
    To hide his poor intellectual stamina, he has failed
    to attend political debates for flimsy reasons. The
    Peoples’s Democratic Party also challenged him to
    organize the debate and invite it’s candidate, yet
    he has failed to come to the party.
    In the town hall meetings organized by his party,
    Buhari failed to get any applause from the crowd
    due to his seeming lack of erudition and his
    inability to articulate his ideas and vision for the
    nation. His support base seem to be waning by the
    Based on this, most Nigerians were of the opinion
    that the man lacked the presence of mind and
    proper grasp of global and national issues to do
    the job he is asking for.
    When Muhammadu Buhari decided to appear on Al
    Jeezera to discuss the shift in election dates and
    other sundry issues surrounding his candidacy,
    Nigerians listened attentively and gave him a
    chance to prove them wrong. To the
    disappointment of many, he also failed to rise to
    the occasion.
    It was very obvious he had a disconnect which
    was evident in the disparity between some of the
    questions he was asked and the answers he gave.
    Buhari could not piece a proper sentence together.
    At some points, he stared into space seemingly
    trying to dig out the proper word to fill in the
    space during the interaction and he ended up
    piecing together sentences that failed to make
    Buhari’s political desperation was evident when he
    gave an impression that he would have preferred if
    the election was held on February 14th irrespective
    how this action could jeopardize the current
    multinational military onslaught going on in the
    north eastern part of the country.
    He must have been adviced to anchor on
    corruption in every conversation he makes, as the
    answer on security during the interview did not
    make much sense putting into consideration his
    experience as a military man.
    He even failed to acknowledge the recent giant
    feats of the military against the Boko Haram sect.
    He should have pieced together that the fight
    against terrorism needs to be fought dynamically
    as this form of engagement is strange to a
    conventional army. As a military man, he never put
    into consideration the fact that engagements by
    the army on foreign missions were straight
    forward and not as complex as the one we are
    faced with right now.
    On corruption, he seemed to have given amnesty
    to corrupt leaders who have depleted the countries
    treasury. Everyone knows this was deliberate as
    Buhari, who have said times without number he
    would stamp out corruption by every means
    possible, is now lenient because his campaign is is
    being funded by corrupt leaders he has surrounded
    himself with.
    From the tight campaign shedule, Buhari has
    become psycologically and mentally exhausted as
    he could not properly name the acronyms INEC
    and APC which he called Independent Nigeria
    Electoral Commission and All Progressive
    Confidence in error. How then can this man lead
    170 million Nigerians at a critical time like this.
    As Nigerians, we need to ask ourselves if we want
    to have a liability as President.

  11. I have questions for Gen Buhari and his
    party and I hope rather than insults we
    will get answers to these factual
    questions .
    Has Buhari apologized to Ben
    Ogedengbe ’s family for killing him for a
    crime that didnt carry death penalty
    when he committed it .
    If Buhari really believes that power is
    from God as he says , then why did he
    take it by force in 1983 ?
    Has Buhari apologized to the people of
    Lagos for canceling Jakande ’s
    Metroline & forfeiting the $ 50 million
    Lagos paid for it ?
    Why did Buhari regime use violence to
    stop the September 1985 National
    Conference of the National Assn of
    Nigerian Students?
    Has Buhari apologized for heading the
    ONLY military admin that did not have
    a transition plan to hold elections ?
    Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai
    Solarin & denying him his asthma drugs
    simply because he campaigned against
    military rule ?
    Has Buhari apologized for jailing Nduka
    Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing
    a truthful report which embarrassed his
    govt ?
    Has Buhari apologized for raiding Papa
    Awolowo’ s house and seizing his
    passport so he couldn’ t travel out of
    the country?
    Has Buhari apologized for throwing VP
    Alex Ekwueme in jail even though it
    was proven that Ekwueme DID NOT
    steal ?
    What reason did Buhari have for jailing
    Ojukwu in 1984 ? Ojukwu was not in
    Shagari ’ s govt and he did not steal?
    Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians
    why he banned the Nigerian Medical
    Association ? Does he hate doctors?

    What reason did Buhari have for jailing
    the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who
    campaigned for his brother, Fela ’ s
    release ?
    They say Buhari is now a democrat .
    Really ? Then why did he treat the
    Oputa Panel with such disdain and
    refused to appear ?
    Why did Buhari jail Fela Kuti in 1984 ?
    What was Fela ’ s crime ? Singing against
    military govt

  12. First, Obasanjo, the APC navigator, wrote an open letter to President Jonathan, in late 2013, baiting for a coup against Mr. Jonathan. APC failed.

    APC then enlisted the support of Senator John McCain to undermine the government of President Jonathan. Indeed, Senator McCain dismissed the Jonathan government as non-existing. APC failed again.

    Mrs Hillary Clinton was also lobbied by the APC to deliberately refuse to enlist Boko Haram as a terror group. To undermine Jonathan’s administration, Senator Hillary Clinton alleged that the Jonathan government is riddled with corruption and lack of clue. APC failed once more.

    At around the same time, former UK Foreign Secretary, Mr. William Hague, consulted for the APC on how to implicate President Jonathan over the 200 Chibok schoolgirls. Still another failure for the APC.

    The thought of using radioactive poison to assassinate President Jonathan was broached, again APC failed.

    APC later reached out to President Obama to support Buhari. To counter this move, Jonathan reached out to China and Russia respectively, for support, with $12 billion contract to China Railway Construction Corp to build Nigerian Coastal Railway linking East to Aba, Port Harcourt, Warri, Benin City and Lagos and procurement of military weapons and arms from Russia. Russia has since supplied Nigeria with weapons and helicopter gunships so as to fight and defeat Boko Haram. Again APC failed.

    APC plans with Jega to resign at the 12-hour, while the presidential election is ongoing, and go abroad to announce the results of the elections in favour of Buhari, has now been foiled. President Jonathan outsmarted the APC, postponed the general election and replaced Jega with Mimiko, a Yoruba, sympathetic toward Jonathan’s second term.

    The only alternative now left for the APC is to instigate another civil war.

    Nevertheless, for the Yoruba people of Nigeria, change is not Buhari. The real change the Yoruba Youths desire is a change from the current unitary presidential system to a regional parliamentary system and Mr. Jonathan’s poised to render this change.

    Don’t be fooled by Tinubu’s APC. #VoteJonathan on March 28.

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