Jonathan states reasons why PDP is the only party that can bring Peace & great leadership in Nigeria


According to President GE Jonathan, made the remark at the launch of the PDP ward volunteer Scheme in Abuja, on Monday stated that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the only party that can provide peace and leadership to Nigerians.

Jonathan, who mentioned that PDP states had built more state universities than the others said that in spite of the agreement reached by state governments to establish local airports to boost commerce and integration only PDP states built domestic airport.

“PDP is the only party that can bring peace in the country,” adding that those who had nursed grievances were the people coming to seek election.

“You cannot bring peace if you do not have an open heart. You cannot give what you do not have.

“We have shown clear leadership. Before we came in telephone was the preserve of a few, but now some people even have bags of telephones.”

Jonathan urged PDP members to be proud of the party and charged the volunteers and other elected officials to project the interests of the party and defend them.

He said that the leadership of the party would communicate major decisions of the party to the grassroots for effectiveness.

“We all have to work hard because if we work hard, we will win most of the elections in 2015,” he said, and urged contestants for state assembly election to market the party using their grassroots links.



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  1. Is looting the treasure of the country acts of maintaining good governance and peace. Will advice GEJ to please keep to his shell and stop making such comments. If the confessions we read on the pages of the Dailies by your lieutenants are taken into proper account , you ( GEJ ) is supposed to be in the net of EFCC answering questions on stewardship. A word our elders say is enough for the wise.

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