50% Reduction in Electricity Tariff, a fake out rumour


Investigations have revealed that the Electricity tariffs have actually not been halved as was reported two days ago.

According to a Source at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC) That the Federal Government has slashed 50% off in electricity tariff is not true.

Reports and several online media that carried this report a few days ago totally got it all wrong.

This claim was based on a directive issued by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC.

Some Nigerians have since started issuing series of statements to counter the information being spread out to the public. “FGN didn’t slash any electricity tariff! 50% of what the electricity companies have been stealing from us was returned to us by the regulating commission. So don’t let anybody lie to you that FGN slashed electricity tariff to gain cheap political points! Let NERC ordered the removal of the monthly maintenance fee. That makes lots of sense to me. What are they maintaining, darkness?”

But out of all those who voiced out their opinion over the 50% reduction, Sola Salako didn’t take it so easy on the electric company as she hit her facebook timeline to lash out the Federal Government and the people behind the purported electricity tariff reduction.

“My dearest Nigerian Electricity Consumer, I hate to burst your bubble but it looks like you have been conned…again! Apparently, contrary to the breaking news, your electricity bill may not be reduced by 50%…at least not out of the President’s sudden concern for your plight in that sector”


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