Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Plans Huge Wedding To His Pregnant Girlfriend



Nollywood’s bad boy, IK Ogbonna,after showcasing so much love and affection on social media, popped the marriage proposal question to his pregnant girlfriend, Sonia.

Since then, their fans have been itching to hear of their wedding date and how he has been handing his female fans.

Ik has stated it loud and clear that it would all happen sooner than expected; “The wedding bells would ring soon. Besides, it is going to be a very loud bell. God created everything out of love. So, it is a wonderful feeling when you finally find the one that you truly love. A baby is wonderful and a gift from God. So, I can’t wait to give him or her my love and fatherliness. If someone is part of your destiny, nothing and no one would be capable of changing that,” he gushed.

The actor who doubles as a model also talked about his way of dealing with other female fans.

“A lot of people tell me that since I happen to be a fine boy and Nollywood’s bad boy, I should not let people know that I have a girlfriend because of the ladies. I believe that is total nonsense. As far as I am concerned, why should I live a fake life because I am in the public eye? If someone is my fan, he or she should respect me for who I am. I cannot be dating someone and deny the lady of her right to happiness because women like it when their man celebrate them. I am not flaunting my woman, instead I am living my life the way I should.” Congrats to him


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