(SHOCKING) Indian parents climb exam buildings to cheat for students


A shocking report revealed how Parents have been risking their lives in India by scaling school buildings to help their children cheat in the country’s equivalent of GCSEs.

Footage showed pupils’ families and friends climbing more than five floors to cling on to perilous ledges and pass notes through windows.

More than 600 students have reportedly been expelled for cheating over the last three days in the eastern state of Bihar.

Images of people perched at various levels at the Vidya Niketan School, in Mahnar, have gone viral in India and caused serious embarrassment to the local government.

Similar scenes were also reported in towns including Hajipur and Nawada, where one parent told NDTV he had to help his child cheat because “teachers don’t teach anything” and were often absent.

Education Minister P.K. Shahi said preventing the widespread problem was a huge challenge for his government, The Hindu reported.

“It is also the responsibility of the society to ensure a cheating-free exam,” he added.

“First, I appeal to parents and guardians to stop cheating to help the government ensure free and fair exams.”

Officials said that more than 1,000 students were caught cheating in three subjects in Bihar, including maths and English, but little over 600 were expelled.

Several parents were also reportedly arrested on unknown charges.


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