Veteran Actor Akin Lewis Opens Up On How His First Marriage Of 20 Years Dissolves


In a chat with Sun newspaper,Akin Lewis explained how his first marriage dissolved and he also talked about coping with female fans.

Failed marriage:

“Hmmm, my saddest moment was when my first marriage broke up. For 27 years, I never knew the kind of woman she was. When the marriage was 20 years, she dissolved it, not that I dissolved it. My wife actually dissolved the marriage. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. Up till today, we still couldn’t unravel what was the cause. I couldn’t till today. My wife just woke up one day and said she’s no longer interested in the marriage. A mother of four children, it’s just like a dream to me”

Female admirers:

“If you should ask this question in the presence of my friends, they will tell you that I always run away from them because I fear women a lot. I have a lot of female admires. I’ve had a lot of propositions, and you won’t believe it, its like If I start taking these propositions, I won’t be able to have this interview because I would have been a dead man today. I remember the scripture saying ‘man does not live by bread alone’ I admire all my female fans and I am grateful that they are my fans. God bless them all.

Aaaaah, one came over from England, people that know about this story will be smiling as they read this. I knew her from my facebook page where we all used to chat as fans. But I never knew how she got my phone number. She would call and send me series of text messages and I will respond because I had to be nice to everyone. One day, the lady just landed suddenly in Nigeria with her bags and everything. She called me and said ‘dear I have landed in Nigeria, I have a party to attend and I’ve gotten all you needed to go to the party with me’. I was just shaking. At a point, I didn’t know what to do. I asked her, ‘what do you want from me?

I didn’t know you before, there is nothing between us more than you are one of my friends on facebook’ I was so scared that I asked ‘what kind of life is this?’ I believed it was a setup to destroy my name. I just told her ‘sorry I can’t go to the party’. But she kept pestering me. When she didn’t want me to rest, I fought her, and I told her she must be mad with all her actions. She angrily fought back, saying lots of things to me. She mentioned one name which happened to be her friend. From what she said, I knew that she and her friend had taken a bet over me as to who gets me first. Can you imagine I didn’t even know when she went back to England? My friends started calling me ‘FF’ from that period. Whenever we hear ‘FF’ we will start laughing because it’s a crazy story that I can never forget.”

Closest shave with death:

“Yes, a lot of times, I can give you two instances. I grew up in the northern part of Nigeria. I could remember vividly just before the civil war when Igbo were being killed. You know, I look like an Igbo with the marks on the sides of my face. Immediately you see me, you will assume I’m Igbo. One day, they took me and then tied me up. They later laid me down and their boss commanded I should be killed. The executioner came and started reciting Arabic incantation on me before he could kill me. But immediately my mother heard about it she came running and started shouting ‘he’s my son, he is not any Igbo’. When they heard her from afar they paused to check where the noise was coming from.”

“When my mother got there, they saw she was having Yoruba tribal marks on her face; that was how I was saved from death. The story always touches my heart anytime I remember it. The second time was when I was in Europe. Immediately I finished my exams and was going home, my friends said ‘Akin, lets go and enjoy ourselves to celebrate the success of the exams’. So, we decided to go to the seaside. The sea was very far so we decided to take a night express.”

“As we were going, we saw a drunk soldier who threatened to kill us and we started running. Every cabin we tried to open and hide ourselves was locked. Eventually we broke into one and hid ourselves but the soldier came and met us there, saying to himself, ‘should I kill them all or what?’ There’s no way he would kill us all without also killing the white man among us. Within few minutes, we saw two fully armed soldiers looking for him. Though, we couldn’t know the end of the story as they whisked him away, we couldn’t sleep till daybreak. That was how I escaped from death again. I am a destiny child; God sent me to this world for a purpose, my God is so wonderful to me.”


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