GEJ Trekker Responds To Omotola’s Trekking Comment,Says Relocate To Burundi

Nihi  Omotola-appears-in-The-Juice-with-Toolz-7

One of the Pres. Godluck Ebele Jonathan’s supportive trekkers,Oladele John Nihi who is trekking to Otuoke, the home town of President Jonathan has reacted to Omotola’s recent comments describing people who trek as ‘silly’.

In his Twitter rant he said the famed actress should move to Burundi if she doesn’t appreciate the president’s efforts during the general elections.

“If you @Realomosexy thinks trekking for GEJ is ‘Silly & Sign of Poverty’, relocate to Burundi & have a feel of what GEJ averted in 9ja” he tweeted.

“It’s Interesting this is coming from you but I can’t remember seeing you rated as the Richest Woman in the world or Nigeria #TrekForGEJ” further tweeted.

He also tweeted “Whatever @Realomosexy have or do today in your self acclaim wealth, is a sign of poverty to some persons #TrekForGEJ.”

Nihi also dismissed the notion that he is unemployed. “Am happily married, expecting my 2nd baby, living in a gud apartment & drives a gud car. Trekking for PGEJ because he truly Deserves it.”


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