‘Forgive us, we’ve done things we shouldn’t have done’ – Jonathan tells Nigerians

It was gathered that the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan has asked for forgiveness from Nigerians hurt directly or indirectly by his actions during his tenure as Vice- President, acting President and President.

He explained to worshippers at a farewell service organised in his honour at the Aso Villa Chapel in Abuja on Sunday, that those actions were not deliberately done.

Jonathan pointed out that there were times one would take a decision in the best interest of all but friends and associates might not understand why.

The President said, “Nothing is perfect; if you wait for perfection, you cannot achieve anything. No system is perfect. Every human system has an element of imperfection.

“So, for the eight years that I have been here as Vice-President, acting President and President, I can say that no one is perfect.

“We have done certain things that probably we shouldn’t have done, but we didn’t do them deliberately.

“So, for those that we offended, it was not deliberate; it was as a result of the exigencies of the office.

“We plead that such people should forgive us; I think we have done our best. You may do your own best and your friends and associates may misunderstand you.”

Jonathan thanked God and those who stood by him and his family in the last eight years, saying he had every reason to be thankful.

While admitting that public office holders have different roles, the President said no head of government, be it at the national or sub- regional levels, could do everything.

He however said it was normal for office holders to set and achieve targets so that their tenure would be remembered.

Jonathan recalled that when he was the governor of Bayelsa State, his target was to construct two bridges in the state annually.

But he said that that dream was cut short when he was nominated as the vice presidential candidate of the then Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, Umaru Yar’Adua (late).

The President said although he was leaving as President and his wife as the First Lady, they would not leave members of the Aso Rock Chapel who were relentless in praying for them.

Jonathan added, “I believe some of you may even come closer and even do more meaningful things together when we leave office.


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