Checkout Adorable Pix Of Davido & Babymama, Sophie Momodu

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Davido and Sophie Momodu, who is Ovation CEO Dele Momodu’s cousin, welcomed their daughter last week. Here are never seen before photos from her baby shower.

See how Davido is lovingly looking at her. He may have have a new Guinea bae Sira but Sophie definitely has a very big spot in his heart. Big congrats to them. Davido is 22, Sophie is 28.

Before Davido openly acknowledged the baby was his, a member of his team who had agreed to speak with NET on condition of secrecy back then had said of the pregnancy:

‘People like to talk; the fact that the girl is pregnant doesn’t mean that Davido is the one responsible. Anyways, we both know it’s not today that we’ve been having all this pregnancy allegations for Davido.”

When asked if Davido really knows the lady in question and has had any sexual relationship with her, the source went on to add:

‘The truth is Davido sure knows the girl, but they are not as close as they used to be. So I really can’t tell, and if she comes tomorrow and says Davido is the father of her baby or Davido got her pregnant, then we’ll request for a DNA test.’


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