Series Of Comments On Khloe’s Dubai look,See Comments!!

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Khloe Kardashian is presently in Dubai and to adhere to the it’s conservative style, she posted a selfie on her Instagram on May 26, wearing a niqab and hijab. But looks like she just got some Muslim fans really pissed.

The 30-year-old reality TV star captioned her Islamic inspired photo, ”Habibi Love”.

According to the Muslim culture, the outfit is worn by women in the Muslim community to cover their head and face and are considered to be ‘Holy’ and ‘drawing closer to God’.

Some fans assumed the divorced star wasn’t ‘respecting’ the law of Muslim by wearing the outfit but was only doing it for beauty purpose.

One fan wrote: ”Women getting killed and beaten up for wearing the niqab, but you keep pretending it’s a fashion accessory, the disrespect.”

Another wrote: ”Wearing the face mask is a commitment. It’s very sinful in our religion to mess with it. Seeing as you are not Muslim wearing this is like dissing all face mask wearers.”

Another added: ”… I do hope she finds the peace in Islam and Allah forgives her for all her sins she’s committed in the past. We welcome you to Islam, but please don;t wear this until you accept the full responsibility that comes with wearing the niqab”.

But there were some who said, ”I’m Muslim. She does what she wants. If you believe in god you should know you can’t judge someone because it’s bad.”
Or what do you think of Khloe’s Dubai look?


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