Check Actress Eniola Badmus’ Dressing,Very Africanistious! (Photos)

When it comes to comic roles in movies, Nollywood star, Eniola Badmus, is gradually becoming a figure to reckon with. The way she interprets her film character is what surprises most of her fans, who get excited just seeing her name on movie jackets.

If she does not grab the attention of Nollywood lovers through her dress style, then her slangs will do just that.

Eniola has again hit location for a new flick, where she played the role of a typical African woman, who travelled to a foreign land and dressed awkwardly.

In the movie titled ‘Basira Goes to London’, according to the actress, is a comedy movie that will leave many asking for more. She went to a church dressed like this. ‘Basira Goes To London’ is set to hit the market before the end of the year. Check more pics below:

eniola eniola1 eniola2 eniola3


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