(Shocking) My parents are using my destiny to get wealth –varsity undergraduate

In a series of shocking allegations that have left his parents heartbroken, a 21-year-old undergraduate, Demilade Osholonge, who was initially reported as kidnapped, has accused his father and mother of engaging in occultism which he alleged was behind the many spiritual attacks he had been experiencing since he was 17.

Demilade spoke with reporters in hiding, maintaining that he would never return home to his father, Mr. Fatayi Osholonge, a lawyer and his mother, Olufunke, who is an evangelist.

Soft-spoken, with a mien that gave a hint of the affluent home he came from (a fact he confirmed), Demilade went into a narration that sounded much like a story out of a novel.

He told newsmen, “It started when I was 10 years old and I started to see a young boy with blood coming out of his mouth.

“Sometimes, I saw the boy in a dream, sometimes I saw him even when I was wide awake but I was always the only one seeing him. I told my parents about it but they waved it off as mere dreams.

“It continued till I was 17 and I started to bleed from the mouth as well. The first time it happened, I just noticed blood coming out of my mouth. I would wake up sometimes and blood would be coming out of my mouth. Sometimes, I would be wide awake and notice the taste of blood in my mouth.”

Asked what step his parents took when he told them, he alleged that they did not take him to the hospital for a checkup even after seeing the blood.

In the family home at Ajah area of Lagos, Demilade alleged that he frequently experienced spiritual attacks. He was asked to elaborate.

“Sometimes, I feel someone beating me while I sleep without actually seeing the person. Sometimes, I would lie in bed and not be able to move my body at all no matter how hard I try,” he said.

He told newsmen that he became so frustrated with the strange experiences and the fact that he never got help.

“As the years went on, I started noticing that my parents were engaging in occultism activities because they visit herbalists and strange prophets,” he alleged. When asked what evidence he had of such activities, Demilade said they sometimes took him along.

Demilade also alleged that in 2014, his parents took him to two Ifa priests in Ondo town in Ondo State, during which incisions were made on his waist. He lifted his shirt and showed the incisions on the left side of his waist.

He told newsmen that the bleeding from the mouth continued despite the visit to the priests.

Newsmen asked whether Demilade’s other siblings in the house also experienced anything similar to the claims he made in his allegation and he explained that when he discussed it with his younger sisters, they told him none of them experienced such things.

How then did he arrive at the conclusion that his parents were behind his “spiritual attacks?” Demilade alleged that his suspicion became clearer to him when he ran away from home.

He said, “I was a 200 level Mass Communication undergraduate at the Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, but I decided to drop out so that I could be out of reach of my parents.

“After I fled from home, I told my step-brother (Michael Ebun), who is my mother’s son from a previous marriage, about my problem and he took me to the house of a prophetess, Mrs. Mercy Oyebo. As soon as we got to the woman’s house, she prayed for me and I vomited blood.

“I got deliverance and gave my life to Christ right away. Since that day, I have not vomited blood. I have been a good Christian since then.

“I stayed along with my step-brother in the woman’s house between March and April 2015 for intense prayer sessions. We left after the sessions and I have been living with a friend at Maryland since then.

“But I realised my parents were behind my problems when my mother started calling and cursing me over the phone. She said she would make me run mad. There was a time she was reciting incantation when she called me and I froze.”

Demilade declined to disclose his current home address.

“My parents are rich, they are using my destiny, that is why they want me back home desperately,” he alleged.

He said life is hard for him currently because he no longer enjoyed the affluence of his parents but maintained that he would rather suffer physically than be turned into an imbecile.

Asked about the motive behind bringing his story to the public, Demilade alleged that his parents got his step-brother (Ebun) arrested on charges of kidnapping.

“They locked him up for three days for kidnapping me. He only tried to help me. I have even spoken with the police on the phone that I was not kidnapped, but they insisted that I should come over to Panti (Department of Criminal

Investigation, Yaba), where the case has been transferred to. If I went there, they would hand me over to my parents,” he said.


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