Appoint Only People You Know To Strategic Positions, Gen Tarfa Tells Buhari

It was gathered that a close associate of President Muhammadu Buhari, Major General Paul Tarfa (retd), has urged the president not give in to the clamour for indiscriminate appointment into his cabinet, saying such would only discredit his government.

He urged him to rather appoint only patriotic individual who he knows are capable of such tasks.

There have been calls on the president to hurriedly constitute his cabinet and begin governance, but Tarfa said much as Buhari needs to hit the ground running, he needs reliable hands to deliver the goods.

“In the appointment into key ministries, they should not only be competent and committed people, but those he knows, not those foisted on him by politicians,” he said.

The president announced his first set of appointments 48 hours after his inauguration, but the public is unsure of when further appointments would be made.

Buhari had said at different fora that he would not allow any external influence in the selection of his ministers, but the prevailing political reality appears to be setting in, leading to the delay in the appointments.

The president is said to be under intense pressure from his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to consider political interest in the appointment.

But Tarfa, told newsmen yesterday that yielding to pressure from politicians would only make Buhari work with corrupt politicians and men who do not share his vision.

Newsmen recalls that at the height of the hate campaign against Buhari in the last general election, Tarfa, a former commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), could not hide his indignation at those who accused his friend of not having certificates.

He explained that apart from their school certificates, as military cadets in the 1960s, they were made to sit for other examinations.

General Tarfa blurted out: “Buhari and I went to the United Kingdom for training. We joined the military at 18, 19 years of age. When someone went through all the trainings abroad and passed through all the military examinations in all cadres and so on, and just one cranky idiot will say you don’t have school certificate; that is absurd.”

He explained that he and Buhari shared a school principal but at different schools.


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