An Igbo Corps Member Converts To Islam To Celebrate Buhari’s Victory,Meet Him! (Pic)

An Igbo corp member, Chukwuma Austin Dike, from Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State who is currently serving as a Batch C corp member in Konshisha LGA Benue State has fulfilled his promise to convert to Islam if President Buhari wins the election and is sworn in as President.

Immediately after President Buhari was sworn in last Friday May 29th, Chukwuma went to the Jibwisb Mosque Gboko, Benue state and converted to Islam. See more pic below





  1. Not a surprise anyway, he was not a serious Christian before, and after all, there is no indication that a sheep is missing. Ah ba, Ibo and money, he is only looking for job , wayo man.

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