Most Ekiti new lawmakers are miscreants, says APC

It was gathered that the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has described most members of the newly inaugurated state House of Assembly as miscreants. The APC also said the House is a contraption by Governor Ayodele Fayose to protect his personal interest instead of working to restore hope for the state’s development.”

The party noted that such selfish agenda held no promise for the growth of the state and political development of the people.

A statement by the state APC Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, said the profile of new members in the new Assembly had revealed that many men and women lacking skills in tedious business of law making were “selected” to be members of the assembly above eminently qualified Ekiti sons and daughters.

This, he said, the governor did to advance his personal interest.

“Only a few of them are worthy of the exalted position of legislators. We all saw the intrigues that characterised the primaries that returned the new members. It was ballot snatching and violence on a massive scale during the April 11 Assembly poll.”

But the PDP in a statement by its Acting Publicity Secretary, Jackson Adebayo, said the new members of the assembly were better in all ways to candidates presented by the APC at the poll.

“Although we know that the APC is talking from a frustrated position which they find themselves after their failed evil plots to remove our Governor, Ayo Fayose, but they should also be made to know that there is nothing they say now that would change the togas of failure which has been attached to their name permanently,” the statement added.

But Olatubosun said, “Fayose just selected his cronies across the state above well-educated members and imposed them on the party. Most of them are miscreants and school dropouts who Fayose compensated as honourable members.

“Fayose’s public declaration of political death for any member who works against his interest points to where Ekiti people are headed in the business of law making in the next four years.

“We saw the first public declaration of loyalty by the Assembly members on the day of inauguration when they all prostrated for Fayose in the chambers, stating he is their father,” he explained.

Olatubosun regretted that majority of the present lawmakers in the assembly could have been described as local government councillors as records of many of them indicated a crop of people lacking courage and basic knowledge in contemporary law making business.

“Because of their inadequacies, they will legitimise and encourage illegality and impunity because they won’t understand the nitty-gritty of lawmaking process and independence of mind required in making laws that benefit the larger society outside the narrow interest of the governor.

“We cannot compare this Fifth Assembly with the outgoing Assembly in terms of composition of members. The last Assembly was composed of members who have seen it all. They are professionals, such as lawyers, medical doctors, pharmacists, architects, policy makers, public analysts and retired top civil servants.


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