Checkout The New Gele Style (Photos)

The Veteran Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe rocked out a new gele style to an event,whick looked like an hat.

She said via her Instagram “To imagine that I’ve been trying to convince people that my new Gele style is the way to go, to now get the biggest fashion icon wearing it and commending it. What can I say. Thank you…“

Well, we love it – what do you think of the new gele style? See more pics below

Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015 Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015001 Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015002 Deola-Sagoe-in-Deola-by-Deola-Sagoe-BellaNaija-June2015007



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