Kim Kardashian Rents Out Staples Center For Kanye West’s Birthday Party For $110,000!

All day yesterday on Twitter Kim Kardashian West was super excited about her husbands’ birthday as she shared several tweets and even mentioned that her surprise for his birthday was amazing.

Fast forward a few hours and the surprise is that she rented out Staples Center in Los Angeles for a day of basketball with Kanye West and his friends.

It was quite a game as 38-year-old rapper was joined by NBA superstars Russell Westbrook and John Wall, as well as Justin Bieber, Tyga, Pusha T and others, TMZ reports.

Also James Harden and 2 Chainz coached from the sidelines, John Salley announced, John Legend sang the national anthem and A-Trak DJ’ed.

Kim Kardashian even hired real NBA referees and some Laker girls to cheer. Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippen all made videos that played over the jumbotron.
According to E! Online she was able to rent out the space for $110,000! See more photos below

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