Baba Fryo States His Reasons Of Not Showing Up In Music Industry Anymore

“Dem go dey pose dem go dey denge denge”! We’re sure many of you remember those lyrics to Baba Fryo‘s hit song, “Denge Pose.” Fryo used to be popular a few years ago, but then he suddenly vanished from the music scene.

For all those who wondered about his whereabouts, he’s back! And he has revealed the reason for his disappearance.

In a recent interview, the artist revealed that he left the music scene after being frustrated by piracy and record labels who cheated him. He subsequently went into the business of selling land, and is now ready to get back to making music.

“By the special grace of God, I made some good money as a land speculator. Apart from helping to keep body and soul together, the business has changed my life. But show business brought me to limelight and I could never have abandoned it,” he said.

“I thank those who have cheated me. But for their actions, I would not be where I am today. And these include those who introduced me to the land business.”

When asked how much money he earns from his land business, he said “I am not like other artistes that like to talk about their worldly possessions, the millions of naira in their bank accounts and more. So I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I am just a simple man and I want to keep maintaining a low profile.”

According to reports, he is in the process of recording and releasing a new album indpendently – without the help of record labels or marketers.

“I want to handle the production of my new album alone. When I am done with recording it, I will promote it myself before worrying about how to distribute and sell it in the market. But I want to release a single first,” he said.

He also stated that he won’t be collaborating with any of the reigning younger artists right now, because “many of them have no respect for older musicians.”


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