Meet Glamourous Mother & Daughter, Compare Themselves To Kim K & North West

A 29 year old former Glamour model,Delicia Kikulwe, is bent on proving that she and her four-month-old daughter Dior are the most glamorous duo .She is also proud to be compared to Kim and her North West.

According to UK Daily Mail, Delicia who appears on Channel 5’s final episode of Blinging Up Baby, gushed over her toddler, stating: ‘She’s an accessory to me. She’s my new designer handbag.You rarely catch me on a day when I’m not looking good,’ she says. ‘I’m like a celebrity that’s not famous. ‘I have been compared to Kim Kardashian. Especially when I had dark hair. Kim is stunning so being compared to her is a compliment.

Delicia showers Dior with designer clothes and accessories, and spends hours making sure their outfits coordinate whenever they leave the house.According to her, for Dior to have the life she never did, she needs to dress the part, because looking good ‘opens a lot of doors’.

Delicia gave up lingerie modelling and music video appearances when she met her husband five years ago and became a born-again Christian. ‘I feel like I should look my best to worship God,’ she says. See more pics below

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