I Don’t Want To Have Sex Anymore–Stripper Amber Rose Says

Amber Rose is coming clean about what stands priority in her life at the moment and believe it or not, sex isn’t one of them.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the 31-year-old says raising her son , Sebastian (2) and her career are all she wants to do despite currently dating rapper, Machine Gun Kelly.

”I don’t even want to have sex! I really don’t! Men are ‘extremely scared’ of me…” she said. Adding that, ”I’m just so focused on my son and my work and everything that I’m trying to do. I just don’t even wanna be bothered.”

Admitting she became a stripper at age 15 to the mag, the mother and author says it was something she never wished to do forever but ended up making lifelong friends and building her confidence.

”I was very, very young. I did it and I was like, ‘Oh, hell no, I cannot do this’. I was a kid. I think I was still a virgin at the time. Being onstage with my boobs out, it was like, “Oh my god, this is not for me.“‘ she recalled to Cosmopolitan.

However, she says, ”That was the best time of my life! Oh my god, I had so much fun. I really did. All the girls were really cool. The guys weren’t allowed to touch you. I was never sexually assaulted or [anything]. I was young, beautiful, I was onstage, I wasn’t really ashamed of my body. I made lifelong friends.”

Now, Amber is concentrating on doing her club appearances and promoting her new book – How To Be A Bad Bitch.

She admits she had humble beginning but her fierce attitude has given her the popularity she has now – 6.7 million followers on Instagram for sure.



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