Jackie Appiah Visits Victims Of Ghana Flood & Gas Explosion (Pihotos)

The Ghollywood actress, Jackie Appiah, yesterday,she took a moment to visit children and victims of the Ghana flood and gas explosion that threw the country into mourning a few days ago.

flood flood2 flood3

She shared photos from the visit on social media while urging the nation to help the victims.
She wrote:

So yesterday I decided to visit the Children & victims who were affected by the flood/gas explosion at the 37 Military hospital and donated cash and several items to the victims and after visited Nima a suburb of Accra were I interacted with the flood victims and also did the same donation. You should have seen their smiles on their faces it was priceless.

She added in another post:

We as a nation should in one way try in our own little way to help the victims. You can help by sending your donations to Nadmo head office and ask of Abigail or Mr. Lamptey


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