Checkout Charles Novia’s Criticism On Korede Bello’s Recent Video Of ‘Godwin’

The Nollywood producer and critique, Charles Novia, in his latest video critique has picked on Korede’s recent video of ‘Godwin,’ which has been gaining massive airplay since its release some weeks back.

Charles praised the video quality and the interpretative visuals to enhance the message in the lyrics but pointed that being a dance song, there was no African dance troupe or an ensemble digging some choreography in the video.

Charles pointed out that with such video from Korede Bello, the singer is going to be a threat to fellow singer, Wizkid for some time.

He criticised the fact that the song took five months before its video was finally made which is very bad because waiting too long to release a video diminish the power of the song.

The movie producer also praised the director for not bringing in outrageous butt shaking females into the video like other artistes would have loved to do.


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