Kidney failure: I Never Had A Relapse –Paul Play Dairo Says

Those who said popular musician, Paul Play Dairo, is not in good health as a result of the kidney issues he had years ago, may not be saying the truth.

On phone interview earlier in the week, Paul Play said he didn’t have any relapse.

“I just went to the hospital to keep up with my health. I didn’t have any relapse. There is nothing like that at all,” he said.

But in recent times, nothing has been heard from him and may have been the reason the rumours gained weight.

However, Paul Play said he would douse the tension soon as his single would soon hit the airwaves.

“I’m coming out with a single very soon. In the next two weeks, it will be out. I’ve mapped out my strategy and I’ll be back in the next two weeks with my single. I have been doing some other things apart from music. I don’t want to talk about what I have been doing.”

Though he has been out of the scene for a while, the singer believes his place has not been taken in the industry.

“One thing is this my work and my talent; so I don’t have that kind of concern or pressure, because one thing about this business is that you have to believe in yourself. And maybe because I’ve actually made some impression on people, and I have a fan base, there is no problem. I still do performances; I still appear at some events and do my thing, so I really don’t think that should be a problem,” he said.


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