Pres.Buhari Leading Other African Presidents On Social Media

The Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, has only been in office for a little over two weeks, yet he is already bringing some changes to Africa via social media.

Many people may have known about the Twitter experience of the President. What they do not know is that he is also an active user of Instagram, a platform that is rarely considered for political engagement.

Within a short period of being on Instagram, Buhari is already followed by 33,000 people and he has 146 posts to his credit.

While the President takes to Instagram to post his activities in a pictorial form, many Nigerians have started taking him to task on campaign promises that he made through the channel. Job creation and electricity top the list of requests that the people have presented to him.

What remains is for Buhari to take his conversations with thousands of Nigerians who like, share their experiences with him and comment on his posts to a personal level.

In terms of number (of channels) and following on Twitter, he is already many steps ahead of many African leaders, many of whom joined the social media buzz several years before he did.

For instance, Buhari is ahead of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa in social media rating. Zuma, who leads a country that is more Internet-active than Nigeria, is not on Instagram. There is no verifiable account on this networking site that is registered in his name. More so, his sole channel – Twitter page – is followed by 382,000 other users after over four years of existence.

On Facebook, the President has garnered 119,188 followers even though the account is less than a year old. In addition, there is a functional personal website to complement the activities of the social media platforms.


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